Sunday, June 26, 2011

Being a Marine sister

my brother has been a marine for almost 2 years now, and im not going to lie i am very proud of him. ever since my brother left nothing has been the same in my house. my parents have started to leave the house a lot to spend time away. they dont like being home because they miss him. but where does this put me? home alone all the time. i hardly ever see my parents, and it really tears me apart. sometimes i feel like im completely invisable to them. i have learned to deal with it in many ways. with my brother being in the war zone over seas, it gets pretty scary. eevry time we get a phone call from base we get scared. we cant wait till he gets home. maybe i will be seen again? i dont want all the attention. thats never what i ask for. i just want to kmow that im important to my family again. i hope everything changes when he gets back home.

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